Milesight offers a comprehensive product lineup which ranges from multi-megapixel IP network cameras and NVRs to video management softwares, meeting various requirements from entry level to high end. Get an overview of Milesight's product lines.



Milesight VMS Lite

Milesight VMS Lite is a video management system that works with the IP cameras to provide Video Monitoring, Recording Setting and Event Management functions. It is a future-proof network video solution for up to 64 cameras. What`s more, it is able to integrate with other devices through ONVIF.


Milesight VMS Pro

Milesight VMS Pro is an innovative and powerful video management software systems designed for large projects which can manage unlimited network cameras via unlimited working servers in different locations, and featured with Client/Server architecture, it is a future-proof network video solution.


Milesight CMS

Milesight CMS is a free advanced central management system which allows large surveillance solution to be efficiently managed as one uniform system. Supporting up to 50 Milesight NVRs and network cameras, Milesight CMS offers users a complete visual overview of the devices locations with interactive maps.


Milesight APP

Milesight provides two free APP for iOS and Android to enhance the surveillance mobility: M-Sight and M-VMS. The APPs enable users to monitor and control the ONVIF-compliant network cameras or NVRs via wireless network. The interface is simple and intuitive. Download now!



Milesight Smart Tools

Smart Tools is a powerful software which can automatically detect multiple online Milesight network cameras or video recorders connected in the LAN, set IP addresses and manage firmware upgrades. It also can be used for calculating the matching number of camera, NVR and disk space.